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We both knew that now it's your turn to oral pleasure - you opened your legs when I looked meaningfully at that place. I soon found myself among them. You smelled elders, and us, your and my desire. My hard cock was impatient. I immediately found a pussy and began to caress her edges. You tasted perfectly! You have a beautiful pussy, the more that the whole was shaved. The eagerly getting to know your taste, licking every inch of your pleasure. I felt and heard that it is your right. My tongue went deeper into your body, deliberately avoiding the clitoris.

My penis grew hard again. Pussy fingers parted, allowing the tongue to reach new places. As soon as I heard the sound of your change amplitude. I slowed down a little bit, playing with the color of your groans. Did you know that you can navigate your body from where? I touched the tip of the clitoris. I stepped into you and you loved it. I stopped for a moment - I looked at your face, searching eyes. After a while you looked at me quizzically - you had a dreamy gaze, slightly closed lids.

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The pussy lips appeared with delicate smile. Again, I touched her clitoris - mouth opened wider and swam toward me groan of satisfaction. I watched her face, gently sliding his tongue over the entire length of your womanhood ... from the bottom, gently gliding up to the clitoris. You did not shout the mouth, and that they formed a fantastic grimace of pleasure, slightly dropping when reached that the most sensitive places. She lay on my elbows, staring at me, in this as you caress. It is only now noticed how fantastically raised, your nipples were. I wanted to touch them, feel like a shift between my fingers, but I decided to focus on the present fantasyhd. At least for now. Even more parted your femininity and focused solely on the clitoris. First pressed her tongue and slid his entire width.

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Then a few With practiced movements shifted pretty quickly after it. You started as I played ... At the same rhythm, the same loud, to the speed of my movements.I heard deep breath, and I knew that is you. Now it's time for the final - I thought, increasing the pace. My tongue movements were small, short, but very quickly brushed your clitoris. The room became loud moans ... You could relieve wonderful delight. I have heard in your mouth every move of the tongue. I've heard differences when accelerated and braked when pushed language and reduced the pressure. I heard that you begin to occur. My tongue began to move uniformly, and we both just continued our fantasy HD porn story...

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